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About Merike Lugus Art Gallery

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Who Is She?

Estonian-born artist Merike Lugus is a painter, sculptor, poet, and short story writer. More info can be seen on her CV.

Personal data (where she lives, with whom, and, most important, her dogs) can be seen on her personal home page.

What's Here?

The Merike Lugus Art Gallery on the Web consists of two main sections: painting and sculpture. Here you will find:

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How to View This Site

If you have a standard 640x480 screen, set your browser window to cover the whole screen. In Netscape you may want to turn off Toolbar, Location, and Directory Buttons under the Options Menu in order to maximize the window size for graphical and score viewing. In Internet Explorer you may want to turn off the Button Bar and Favorites Bar under the View Menu. If you have a larger screen you can ignore the last sentences. I assume you've already set the font to a comfortable size for your viewing. If not, you can adjust the font -- in Netscape under Options/General Preferences/Fonts; in Internet Explorer font size under the View Menu and font face under Edit/Preferences/Web Browsers/Language-Fonts.

Warning: some of the pages are heavily graphic-laden. The faster your Internet connection the better.

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Why Am I on the Web?

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Brought to you by RodMer Arts

My Art Gallery is brought to you by RodMer Arts, which also operates:

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Images and colour-fidelity

Sometimes I provide multiple images of the same work. This is particularly true in the case of sculpture. Because sculpture is 3-dimensional, and meant to be seen from different angles, it is sometimes hard to capture it all in one fixed image.Multiple images provide the analogue of the different views you would have walking around the work in a gallery.

Warning about colour fidelity: the images are not always perfectly faithful as to colour and shading. We're only gradually learning our way around the sophisticated adjustments possible in Adobe Photoshop. Also some of the indoor photographs of an exhibit have poor lighting. Over time, we'll gradually improve these images. Of course, nothing beats visual inspection in person at my studio.

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Downloadable stuff is free

You may download images of my work as long as it's for your own personal interest and not for commercial purposes. I retain copyright to the images, however.

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Except where US prices are indicated, the prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Where US$ prices are indicated, the works are available from a U.S. source (to be announced shortly).

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