Ophelia After Centuries of Trying

Merike Lugus has written poetry all her life. Since her primary focus was always her painting, she has not been very active in the past in submitting her work to literary magazines or publishers. Four poems, however, were published in the November 1988 issue of Poetry Toronto, of which this is one:

Ophelia After Centuries of Trying

	you came to me and said
	you might have some love to give
	and then you looked at me
	as if I were a sandbox
	and you thought perhaps it was time
	to put childish things away

	I saw a young man poised like a prince
	you are not free I said    noticing
	paper-doll perforations all around you
	only one foot loosened from the page
	and that resolutely set
	on the path of your destruction

	I could have lifted you off the page

	you said you loved me    but
	there was nothing questioning in your touch-
	as if your life were spoken for
	when in my skin you smelled the ocean's hunger
	you were afraid that
	you had played at passion
	as you would play at madness
	then kept away and hoped that I'd remain
	pure vessel for what could be priceless
	in another play

....................................................................Copyright (c) 1988 Merike Lugus

First published in Poetry Toronto (Nov/88)

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