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Brought to you by RodMer Arts

The RodMer Short Story Room is part of the website of RodMer Arts run by Rod Anderson and Merike Lugus. Other sections of the RodMer website include the Merike Lugus Art Gallery on the Web (paintings and sculptures by Merike), the RodMer Poetry Room (poems by Rod and Merike), Rod's Concert Hall, and our electronic Open House at SwallowHill (run by us on behalf of the owners -- one successful dog and six mazing cats). For more info on RodMer Arts see the RodMer Home Page.

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What you will find here

Rod Anderson Pic Merike Lugus Pic Eighteen of our short stories. They're labelled as eighteen packages (AA to RR). You can (a) select and read any individual short story immediately on-line and/or (b) download any of the 18 packages (each containing one short story) -- in rtf (rich text format).

The subject matter of the short stories varies from human relationships to science (the universe) to disorientation with many other detours along the way. We try to give you a general idea of the type and length in eachstory, and you can also scan the initial paragraphs -- to decide which ones (if any) might appeal to you. And, of course, you can surf around reading as many as you want on-line.

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Downloadable stuff is free

All the downloadable short story packages on this site are free (We need the exposure (;-) ), but we retain copyright.

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Rod and Merike who?

Yeah, well they're not household names. What can we say?

Merike was born in Tallinn, Estonia -- and almost immediately was evacuated and spent the war years as an infant being carried through Germany to escape the Russians. After a brief stay in Sweden following the end of the war her family moved to Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto in General Arts and then took her MA in sociology. While raising her two daughters she became interested in art and spent the next 30 years as a painter. In the last 4 or 5 years she has turned to sculpture. She has had shows in Vienna, Toronto, Stratford, Cobourg, and Bellingham WA. In between, she has found some time for writing. Her poetry has been published in Room of One's Own and Poetry Toronto. She has had public readings of her work in Toronto and (closer to her present home) in Gore's Landing north of Cobourg. Her article "Artist as Woman" was the lead article many years ago in City Woman. A more recent article on art has been "Brush with Disorder". She is also a passionate gardener (her sculpture garden was included on a recent tour of the Civic Garden Centre from Toronto) and has been written up in Patricia Singer's 1996 book The Good Garden Guide. Merike's book of poetry Ophelia After Centuries of Trying was published by watershedBooks, Toronto, in 1998. Merike is a member of the Canadian League of Poets.

Rod was born in Toronto, graduated from the University of Toronto in Chemistry, and spent the next 28 years passing myself off as a chartered accountant with Clarkson Gordon (now Ernst & Young), latterly as managing partner of their Toronto office. In 1983 I left that profession to spend full time writing poetry, short stories, reviews, opera libretti, and, since 1994, composing music. Some people just can't decide what to do. His sole (yes only one) published book (excluding arcane things from his past life in the business world), Sky Falling Sunny Tomorrow , a book of poetry, was published by Wolsak and Wynn in 1989. His short stories have appeared in The Antigonish Review, Dandelion, DIS-EASE, Prism International, Rampike, and Waves. His three-act opera libretto Mario and the Magician (composed by Harry Somers) was performed by the Canadian Opera Company at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto in 1992. Rod is a member of the Canadian League of Poets.

Rod and Merike live in a farmhouse outside Cobourg, where they serve as caretakers and dooropeners for the owners: one successful dog (Laijka) and six amazing cats. You can find out more about their lifestyle from their electronic open house at SwallowHill

For more detailed info (if you must), see their CVs [Rod's and Merike's].

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Only stories by Merike and Rod? Pity.

Yup. The RodMer Short Story Room contains only short stories by Merike and Rod -- shameless self-promotion, we know, but, hey, we're not publishers. However, you can find some pointers to other short story sites on our Links page.

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Why would you want to read stories in your browser?

Well, we know many people hate reading on computer screens and, if that applies to you, you should download instead the rich text format (rtf) file and print it out on your printer. But it is possible to read large files comfortably on your computer screen if you have a large monitor, and set the type face nice and large in your web browser. We've been gradually learning how to wean ourselves off paper. Make your printer last longer, save on paper costs, and save a few trees. Besides, the html document allows you to do a word search if you remember some phrase but can't remember the part of the story in which it occurred. And you can see us smiling at you. Some day we may all do a lot more reading on web browsers -- perhaps when monitors have metamorphosed into flat 'boards' you can hold comfortably in your hand while you sit on the chesterfield sipping cognac. Who knows?

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rtf, what's that?

rtf is 'rich text format'. It is readable in most word processors.

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